mercredi 11 mai 2011

[FPSMC] Compatibility issue with IE9, FF4, ...

After updating my Internet browser to the last version like: Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4, ... I notice that I got some compatibility issue with the FPSMC website. Indeed it was « broken » and impossible to use on these browser.

An Update 1 is on a Microsoft roadmap and will solve this problem, but until this update you could solve it with the following workaround.

Open the  site.master file located on the  %ProgramFiles%\Forefront Protection Server Management\Console folder with your favorite text editor :).

Replace the meta content "IE=7; IE=8" value by "IE=EmulateIE7".

After this all the functionalities of the FPSMC site will be back again and working fine.

Thanks to Christophe Cygan of Microsoft France for his help on this.

[UPDATE] : The Rollup 1 is now available and solve the issue by downloading the KB2717781.

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