lundi 28 mai 2012

[Ports used] How to protect TMG with DPM : Part 6

We finally reach the last article for talking about how to protect Forefront TMG/UAG with DPM 2010.

6/ Test and validating
After applying the new configuration on our Forefront TMG box we could now make some tests to from the DPM server. These tests will help us to check that everything goes well:

Warning: some command lines work only on DOS and not on PowerShell.

First of all, the basic test a ping to the Forefront TMG server without any error.

To validate the administrative shares could be reach we will use net view \\tmg_FQDN which will not raise any errors:

In order to try a RPC call we execute the following command sc \\tmg_FQDN query, in order to have a listing of the RPC interfaces listening on the Forefront TMG server:

Finally we test the WMI call with wmic /node :"TMG_FQDN" OS list brief with a brief operating system information which host Forefront TMG as a result:

If we pass all the tests when we try to attach the DPM agent installed on the Forefront TMG box hopefully no errors happen on the DPM management console, and we could begin to protect the server.

7/ Thanks
Many thanks to the following people who help me to found the solution:

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