jeudi 15 novembre 2012

[UAG] SSL Network Tunneling : Connection ended

I recently got the following issue while using the SSL Network Tunneling connector:
Indeed for deploying VPN access for Windows Xp I use this feature of Forefront UAG (required by the customer).

On a Windows Xp client all goes fine and no problem about the VPN access but on a Windows 7 client after initializing the VPN tunnel I got the following message « Forefront UAG Remote Network Access Connection Ended »:

After investigating and searching on the community knowledge:
After opening a ticket support with Microsoft this « legacy » access is not compatible with Windows 7 and at the date of this article no reference to this is available on the TechNet or on the official documentations.

Thank you to Olivier Bertin and his colleague of the Microsoft France support team for the solution.

I will soon make article about how to implement VPN access with Forefront UAG stay tuned :)

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