jeudi 11 novembre 2010

[UAG] TechEd : partnership with RSA Secure ID

Microsoft announced at the TechEd this week a partnership with RSA Secure ID for Forefront UAG Service Pack 1 launching on december.

It will be possible to use a OTP token on the portal and DirectAccess.
The following options will be available for authenticating the DirectAccess User tunnel:
  • NTLM/Kerberos integrated authentication
  • SmartCard
For more information for the RSA technical part:

But what's new for UAG/DA?

1. Server side
 On the DirectAccess server part of the wizard the OTP functionality appears.

2. End user
After opening his sessions the following pop-up ask the user for an OTP authentication in order to have complete access to the network.
After providing the OTP authentication the user tunnel is created.

This feature is only available on Forefront UAG SP1 RC, which can be downloaded at Microsoft download center.

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